A Study of Buddhism in Arakan by Ashon Nyanuttara

When researching and presenting their studies on Burma, most scholars of Southeast Asian studies have traditionally overlooked a critical chapter in Burmese history. The majority of texts pertaining to Burma typically do not explore the earliest roots of Buddhism in the region, and they frequently overlook the ancient accounts of the presence of Buddhism from local sources in Rakhaing.Here, however, is a book that goes where others have not. It fills the gaps left by previous titles on the Rakhaing and corrects some of the oversights and mistakes earlier authors have made.

Written by a fully ordained Buddhist monk during his doctoral studies, A Study of Buddhism in Arakan chronicles the development of the rich Buddhist culture and traditions along the eastern bank of the Bay of Bengal. It discusses the course of Buddhist intercourse between Rakhaing and Sri Lanka, showing how these things helped shape the religious, political, and social atmospheres of Southeast Asia over the centuries. The first complete, accurate history of the Arakanese people written in the English language, A Study of Buddhism in Arakan is sure to appeal fans of religious, cultural, and historical studies, as well as to anyone looking to discover more of the world’s untold stories. (Amazon Description)

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