A-Lwam Nadi Kam Mahi အလွမ်းနဒီ ကမ်းမဟီ by Pho Kyawt ဖိုးကျော့

Myint Lwin whose pen name is Pho Kyawt, ဖိုးေက်ာ့ ဖိုးကျေ, was born in 1940 in the remote village of Chaung Wa, Kyaukphru Township of Ramree Island, Arakan. His parents are U Bauk Phru and Daw Chak Taung Ma, and he was the third one among the 9 siblings. When he was young, he was styied at the village monastery. In October, 1956, his literary art was very first published and in 1966 his art,"Hunting Elephant" (ဆင္လိုက္ျခင္း) was used in the Myanmar State School text book. He won many Literature awards, Myanmar National Literature Award, Sapebiman Literature Award. In 2019 he has been selected for the prestigious Meknond River Literature Award with the novel titled "Myay Si Mel Mel Thway Yel Yel" translated into English as ‘I Gave My Life for Thee’ by San Shwe Baw from Sittwe. The author published more than 30 books up to now. အလွမ်းနဒီ ကမ်းမဟီ


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