Master TOEFL Junior Basic: Language Form & Meaning

This book contains eight parts.
  1. The Orientation
  2. The Diagnostic Test: This section of the book will assess your current grammatical knowledge and vocabulary. The diagnostic test tells you your strengths and also what you should focus on to improve your skills. Additionally, the diagnostic test gives you a grade you can refer back to once you have taken the practice tests. You’ll be able to see how much your skills have improved since you began this book.
  3. Grammar Points: Each unit has grammar points to help you understand the types of grammatical questions that will be on the test. The grammar points in this book are based on the knowledge necessary to score well on the test. This information may be a review or may be brand new. Either way, it’s important to understand these particular grammar points before taking the test.
  4. The Check-up Tests: This section will review and test what you learned in the grammar parts. You will read a sentence and be given two or three choices of words or phrases and you must choose the one that is correct.
  5. The Wrap Up Tests: This section will further review the grammar points under the TOEFL Junior format. There are two types of questions. The first type requires you to fill in the blank. The second type has sentences with grammatical errors. You must underline the error and write in the correct word or words.
  6. The Unit Tests: Each unit (containing 5-10 grammar points) has a unit test with 8 questions. These tests are similar to the previous practice tests, only they have more questions and cover more grammar points. Unit tests are usually a student essay, article from a magazine, or passage from a textbook.
  7. The Chapter Tests: There are 3 chapters with 3-5 units each. At the end of each chapter, there is a chapter test with a passage containing 8 questions. These chapter tests contain material from the chapters’ units, along with the grammar points within those units.
  8. The Actual Test: The last section of this book is your chance to see what you have learned and how much you have improved. It will give you a feeling for what you should expect on the Language Form and Meaning section of the TOEFL Junior test.

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